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  • YHSGR Introduces Its Corporate Asset Protection Attorneys To Help Its Real Estate Agents And VIP Clients

    Monday, October 31, 2022   /   by Emman Cristobal

    YHSGR Introduces Its Corporate Asset Protection Attorneys To Help Its Real Estate Agents And VIP Clients

    The leading real estate company provides tax and asset protection workshop coming on November 12th, 2022 and November 19th, 2022 

    LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 31, 2022 — As more and more people enter the lucrative real estate profession, the need to understand the technicalities of the tax law has become imperative. This is why renowned real estate company YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY has announced corporate asset protection attorney training workshops to help its agents and clients.

    The workshops align with Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty CEO Rudy L. Kusuma’s desires to help real estate agents to save money in tax as well as protect their assets. Top Tax Strategists and Asset Protection Attorney Toby Mathis, Esq, will present the training session. And Attorney Clint Coons, Esq., two of the country’s most renowned tax and asset protection attorneys. These attorneys are the founders of Anderson Business Advisors as well as real estate investors with over 200 properties.


    Speaking on the matter, a representative for the attorneys said, “Building up a real estate portfolio and having someone take it all away is very painful. It’s more painful when you realize that you could have easily done something about it. This is where our partnership with YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY will help.”

    In their session, agents will learn to set up their business structures (LLCs, S-Corps, etc.). The correct structure can help bring more profits and protect the company’s assets by remaining invisible to outside threats. The tax & Asset Protection Workshop will help them to discover how to protect their assets and reduce taxes.

    Lori Hintz, the responsible broker for YOUR HOME SOLD GUARANTEED REALTY commented, “The sessions will help our partners start on the right foot. Our agents can save thousands in taxes yearly and protect their assets from creditors, lawyers, and the IRS through the training. At our company, it’s all about smart strategies to succeed. We guide the agents every step, enabling them to get guaranteed leads, referrals, and appointments with ready-to-act sellers and buyers at above-average price points, which means no cold calling or grunt prospecting.”

    The company conducts several sessions to help its agents to generate leads. These sessions include pro-business growth systems, exclusive listing marketing, and millionaire agent training.

    People who want to be a part of the Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty can apply to JOIN THE REVOLUTION today at www.TopAgentsFreedom.com

    Real Estate Agents interested in the tax and asset protection workshop can register for the subsequent Tax & Asset Protection Workshop. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR THE TAX AND ASSET PROTECTION WORKSHOP


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