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  • March Newsletter 2019

    Friday, March 8, 2019   /   by Leticia Almaro Nicolini

    March Newsletter 2019

    A Real Estate Team that Gives Back to Rotary Club of Concord

    Everyone loves Spring, primarily because it means...Summer is near! Just like the weather seasons come and go, so do the seasons of life. When we least realize 5, 10, 20 years have come and gone. Are you with me when I say that these seasons seem to come and go faster and faster as well as the time?

    Some of life's seasons will be HOT and others will be COLD, some high and some low. The lows we want to move by quickly and the highs we want to stay in forever. With that said,  with all the beauty this Springtime brings, there is also the ugly for some. Children in our local communities and around the world are fighting for a better life. That's why we continue our mission to raise $10,000 for Rotary. Many children have benefited immensely by the amazing projects provided by Rotary. Solving real problems takes commitment and vision. For over 110 years, Rotary has taken action and use their passion, energy, and intelligence to bring forward sustainable project.

    To learn more about how YOU can make a DIFFERENCE by simply referring anyone you know that is looking or considering buying/selling check out our newsletter. Just click on the image below and learn more about how easy it is to give back!



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